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Shooting has been a part of my life for the last 20+ years. My first steps were made with an air rifle and .22LR; that was a turning point in my life and shaped my future occupations. Shooting and hunting are the things that I enjoy so very much, which makes me feel good.

During that time I gained my first knowledge about ballistics, guns and ammo technical details, shooting techniques, etc. It was great time, providing lots of things to learn and to put into practice. Target shooting is positive because the bullet hole is on the paper which gives you immediate feedback, no lies, no magic! It’s a sure way to build great self control and developing your self confidence.

In 1995 I got a job in the Police Department of Serbia. From then on, I found myself spending more and more time learning different combat techniques with pistols. During the following years I have had opportunities to work on Close Protection jobs with key/top personnel in the police and government. That time was important for me as it served to build my personal attitude and to give me a direction in my future occupation inside the police department.

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From ‘95 until now I work mainly on CP jobs and as a firearms instructor in my unit. All my working experience with gun techniques have been tested and improved thanks to IPSC competitions. I always keep my eyes and mind wide open for new systems and training possibilities in the area of VIP protection and for new procedures and weapon techniques which are used in CP jobs. These jobs involve the use of the AK, sniper, and shotguns of various types.

Presently I'm an official firearms/CP instructor for a number of international security companies and am an official instructor/trainer for the Serbian PD and OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) and certified firearms instructor in the CZ shooting academy.

When IPSC shooting first came to Serbia (beginning of 2001), I was eager to join in this great sport. It provided a good opportunity for me to test and improve my pistol shooting abilities. During the next few years I have managed to qualify for the national team and to take part in the European Championship '04.

That great match was an eye-opener, a very painful eye-opener...

It was my first international competition and a big break in my shooting. Until then I was amongst the best shooters in Serbia & Montenegro, but after my 43rd place in the EC '04, in production division, all my self-confidence went down.

I realized that something was totally wrong in my IPSC training in the last 3-4 years. After that big disappointment for me, I realized that this sport is something I wanted to be good at and it took all of my courage and determination to realize that if I wanted to be successful, I must start again from the beginning. It was not easy decision but I'm satisfied now because I have learned from my mistakes from so many years before and have excelled in my shooting and techniques.

The results came faster than I expected... In the EC '07 I took 8th place in production division.

After the EC ‘04 I have never closed my mind or my eyes nor have I ever stopped learning.

I want to thank my family and friends for the support they have given me all these years. Also thanks to all the people I have met around world, for the great times we have spent together on our competitions or training.

Thanks to you all.



Austral Asia Handgun
Championship 2016 1st place


Austral Asia Handgun
Championship 2016 1st place


Austral Asia Handgun
Championship 2016 1st place

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