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What is IPSC?

Experience this great sport, both extreme and dynamic.

It is an excellent way for everyone who wants to see his/her personal skills and limitations with weapon handling. An enjoyable way to built great self control and develop self confidence.


Never forget that safety is first! Be safe!

This is not for everyone!

For more details about this shooting sport please go to: www.ipsc.org


Certified firearms instructors from the CZ Shooting Academy can offer you a variety of possibilities for enjoyable and safe IPSC training in Serbia.

Our IPSC courses are for those who are looking for serious firearms training. We can offer you our own training programs or we can customise a program catered to the special needs of our clients. IPSC courses programs can be held for shooters on a basic level, or on a high/advanced level.

We have both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges available for training year round. All ranges are on private property; and depending on the training needs of our clients we have several possibilities from which to choose the most appropriate range. For some advance training we use 2 or 3 ranges during one course.

You can rent our weapons and ammo. We can offer you weapons for Production division: CZ SP-01 Shadow, cal. 9mmP; and for Standard division: CZ Tactical Sport, cal. 40S&W

We can also organize transport, accommodation and meals in a package that accommodates our client’s needs and budgets.

From my personal experience I can say that demanding and correct training can be beneficial. Alternatively, poor training can waste your time and money!

This sport is very expensive so don’t waste your time and money on inferior training.

Check out our videos from our IPSC competitions.

For more about IPSC trainings, please contact us on: ljubisa@loadmakeready.com

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