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16th IPSC World Championship

The 16th IPSC World Championship took place on the Greek island of Rhodes in the period between 28th September and 8th October 2011. The competition – the best staffed WC contest in the IPSC history – was attended by the total of 1,209 shooters from 64 different countries.

The individual competition saw success of the Slovakian shooter - Andrej Hrnčiarik, who became the champion in the Production Division – Junior category as well as the Shoot Off (one on one contest) in the division. The competition also brought trophies to other shooters from Česká Zbrojovka. The Production Division – the Shoot Off class – was dominated by the new champion Ljubiša Momčilovič (Serbia) and MD Miroslav Kameníček, who participated in the Senior category of the open Division (and he also managed to obtain the bronze medal in open Division, the Senior category)....

.... The IPSC Championship was also a great venue for representation of Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod and their four pistols for practical shooting: Shadow, CZ 75 TSCZ 75 TS Czechmate and DUTY. The Production Division was totally dominated by CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow pistols used by 95 per cent of participants. The TOP 11 showed 8 Shadow pistols, 1 Glock pistol, 1 Sig Sauer pistol and 1 Tangolio....