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Far East Asia Handgun Championship 2013

In late November 2013 the Far East Asia Handgun Championship was held on a shooting range near the Thai city of Pattaya. This championship was the last event classified as level IV before the world championship in practical shooting, which will be held in autumn 2014 in Florida.

A small group of shooters from Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod participated in the championship in Thailand. This group was then brought up to strength with shooters from individual regional teams, so the CZUB jerseys and arms from the production of Česká zbrojovka were to be seen the most in the competition.

The stages were difficult - corresponding to level 4 - and for us, Europeans, were an exotic experience. Surprising and exotic was also the very beginning of the event, when the IPSC president arrived on an elephant. This was followed by launching sky lanterns and by a staged sword fight. The weather prepared the shooters another strong experience, when a very strong monsoon rain came down, lasting for one hour. Tens and hundreds of litres and torrents of water changed the range into a mud pool. But the sun rose up on the cloudless sky the next morning and the temperature grew to 35 °C. These climatic conditions had a strong impact on European shooters. After all it was snowing at that time in Central Europe and the temperature there was below zero.

As the event was precisely organized we met just friendly and smiling people and only a few protests were raised. The Thai city of Pattaya has a great chance to become the organizer of the next world championship.

Great success was achieved by pistols CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow from the production of Česká zbrojovka, which were used by shooters from all continents, dominated Production Division and took the top positions in the final evaluation. But on the negative note: ammunition failures encountered by almost all shooters, forcing some even to withdraw from the competition, were certainly among the downsides.

Despite troubles, company shooter Ljubisa Momcilovic from Serbia took third place in Production Division and only 12 points separated him from wining the competition. Russia's CZ-Alianz shooter Alexej Pichugin placed sixth. Due to health problems of Martin Kameníček the Czech team was represented only in women's category in Open Division. Promising shooter Martina Šerá still gathers experience, yet she took satisfactory sixth place.