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Rooster Mountain IPSC match 2010, Denmark

I think that this Rooster Mountain was one of the best matches since the millennium and SSIN Shooting Club has the honor. Claus Henneberg, Per Bressendorff, Peter Munk and all the stage builders and Range Officers did a great job no doubt about that. In this report I will focus on the match and on the great performances by Ralf and other good shooters.


Stage design

As mentioned before the stage design was excellent and I wish to give the designers Per and Claus a big applause for a job well done. Generally there was a good mix of easy targets and small plates on 15 meters so everyone was challenged even open shooters like Saul Kirsch.


Range Officers

People who are working their butt off at big matches always impress me!!! The Range Officers (the ones in red shirts) is a special kind of people and some of them attend the match only to work as a RO. They all did a great job at RM and I didn’t see a single wrong decision on my squad. There were also some CRO at the match, but they were mostly sitting in the shade looking satisfied with life. There were 4 DQ’s at the match so that was not much out of 131 shooters.

Denmark is a little country far away from central Europe and the cost is also much higher, but despite of that, top-shooters came to hunt the famous president medal. Saul Kirsch came with his shop and friend Eli Huttner who has now moved to Copenhagen, Carl Deleu from Belgium, Ljubisa Momcilovis from Serbia and many fine shooter from Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Finally we have production with attendance of one of the best shooters in Europe, Ljubisa Momcilovis. Our Scandinavian Champion Rasmus Gyllenberg was the hardest competitor to Ljubisa and we know from earlier matches that Rasmus can threat the best in Europe. And so he did! Rasmus was only 1,62 % or 25 points behind Ljubisa so Rasmus had a very good performance. I was lucky to be on their squad and I must say Ljubisa almost shot a clean match with very few errors. Hage, Timo Mckeowen and Even Skaarer tried to hang on but to many errors costed them many points. There was about 10% distance from Ljubisa and Rasmus to the rest of the shooters.

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